The Executive Board welcomes Orange, Vodafone, and A1 Telekom in their second meeting in Cologne

29th September 2022

The Innovative Operators (IO) Executive Board met again at the second board meeting held in Cologne, hosted by Deutsche Telekom. The board was joined by its newly appointed members Bénédicte David (Orange Group), Anis Mbarek (Vodafone Group), and Judit Albers (A1 Telekom).

During the meeting, the board reviewed the membership criteria for Mobile Operators (MNOs) and made the decision of accepting “Full MVNOs” as members of IO. To find out more about the specific requirements to qualify as “Full MVNO”, please contact

The Executive Board also continues to develop initiatives based on the Roaming Development Goals (RDGs) established at the 1st Board meeting. The RDG’s were created to set objectives for IO and to drive support for the industry in terms of innovation, digital transformation, quality of service, roaming footprint, knowledge sharing, and generating unity within the roaming community. Read more about the RDGs here.

Continuing with their work on the RDGs, the board agreed on several initiatives that had been proposed in IO Labs that can further contribute to the achievement of the RDGs and Lab KPIs. Such as initiatives for MNOs to collaborate with each other. The full scope of the RDG initiatives will be announced in the third IO Plenary taking place in Dubai in November 2022.

Executive Board Meeting in Cologne. From left to right: Dhiraj Wazir (IO), Cameron Dunn (AT&T), Frederic Schepens (MTN GlobalConnect), Anis Mbarek (Vodafone), Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg (CKH IOD), Judit Albers (A1 Telekom), Johannes Opitz (DT), Benoit Bertin (Bouygues Telecom), Jason Bryan (IO).

With the aim of building bridges with the wider roaming ecosystem, the board members also agreed on developing new projects that would keep the IO members connected with the wider community, while adding value to all parties and contributing to modernise roaming systems. IO will shortly announce an accreditation scheme through which industry vendors can become recognised by the IO community as certified in the delivery of Roaming products and services.

Further, IO will shortly launch its Advisory board. The objective of the Advisory Board is to enable the Executive Board to best accomplish its remit through advice, insights, experience, and knowledge. The Advisory Board shall be composed of a wide variety of subject matter experts, Industry Vendors and other suitable representatives as required by the board.

The IO Board will meet again in Dubai to have a strategic review of the key areas in which IO should focus in 2023.

IO is committed to strengthening its Board by selecting members from diverse backgrounds, different MNO sizes and regions. The Board will announce new members in due course.

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