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VoLTE Roaming Lab

What is VRL?

The VoLTE Roaming Lab, formerly known as the VoLTE Roaming Taskforce, was established in November 2019. Since its creation, this group only had MNOs members with Verizon as the chair. It features MNOs from all over the world who collaborate on initiatives to support the delivery of VoLTE Roaming amid challenges like Emergency Calls, Device Manufacturers and Lawful Intercept.

The principle has been simple, to have an MNO only forum where MNOs can identify VoLTE Roaming issues and challenges and in a shared manner, find fixes and share expertise and experience to enable other operators to launch VoLTE Roaming quickly and seamlessly.

Meetings take place every two months. During the sessions, members are asked to contribute and work together to define the workstreams of the lab and set the objectives and action points to tackle each of the challenges mobile operators are facing.

  • Chaired by CKH IOD

  • Deputy Chair by Orange

  • MNOs only

  • Large and small operators globally

VoLTE Roaming Facts and FAQ

83% of surveyed Mobile Operators consider that an MNO only Forum was needed to focus on the challenges they are facing

VoLTE Roaming Playbook

Industry Extract

The VoLTE Roaming Playbook, a collaborative effort among global mobile operators within the VoLTE Roaming Lab (VRL), serves as a guide for deploying VoLTE roaming services. Developed to help operators face challenges like 2G/3G network decommissioning, the Playbook addresses critical areas including Service Launch, Implementation, Lawful Intercept, Data Retention, Commercial Implications, SMS service impacts, and VoLTE Solutions. Full version of the document is only available for members of IO.
Download the VoLTE Roaming Playbook Industry Extract
Why should operators join VRL?
Regular meetings
Members meet regularly via conference call and occasionally in person
Knowledge sharing
Operators help each other depending on their experience level
Practical workshops
IO organises training and workshops under members demand

VRL Leadership Team

Matthew Bisoffi

VRL Chair

Jerome Hardouin

VRL Deputy Chair

Dhiraj Wazir

VRL Director

VRL Membership

Only Full Members of IO can participate in VRL.
Please contact to find out more about other opportunities to be part of this Lab.
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