Accelerating the industry

For Roaming and Interconnect to continue to succeed, the whole ecosystem must be in step. Who likes to be left behind? Unless MNOs join together, a lack of innovation can and will create massive issues for the end customers, with domestic services, not functioning when customers go abroad. Is there any point, for example, to be ready for 5G SA Roaming today and not have any roaming partners to launch with?

Why become a member of IO?
Decide the agenda
Members define the work streams and meetings agenda.
No sales pitches
Vendors will only be invited on members’ requests.
Practical workshops
Practical advice is key to raise expertise.

Yes, all MNOs are welcome to be part of IO. It is important that all operators across the world, large and small, have a space where their voices are heard. Mobile operators help each other launch services to make Roaming possible.

Members will attend conference calls and face to face meetings at convenient times and locations globally. The agenda will be fully controlled by MNOs. All work item related decisions will only be taken by MNOs.

IO is a not-for-profit organisation. There is a membership fee to cover the costs of running the Accelerator Programme. However, the VoLTE Roaming Taskforce remains free of charge for members to join.

Founding members of IO have a pre-selected seat on the Executive Board. IO’s Executive Board must represent diversity globally.

Yes, members can propose and vote for work streams to create new Labs, under the supervision of the board.

No, IO is not a Standard’s body. It is an Accelerator Programme that feeds back into the existing standard bodies to support their work.

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