IO Mobilize goes live:

The first online community dedicated to Wholesale Roaming

From today the roaming teams of more than 100 MNOs globally will be connected in a new way. Connecting the people who connect the world has always been IO’s ambition as an organisation. Easy ways of working together are key to this. IO Mobilize, is the first online community dedicated to Wholesale Roaming.

Based on the Wholesale development goals set by the Executive board, IO’s aim is to modernise the roaming industry, help create an inclusive and global community to share knowledge and resources, and provide a neutral space for operators to develop the next generation of services, IO launches

MNOs and Full MVNOs members of IO are now able to ask questions and start discussions, contribute to the labs’ work streams, have direct communication with each other, and download relevant resources on a dedicated space for each of the IO Accelerator Labs.

This new platform helps the IO community to stay connected between Lab meetings and face to face events, working as a 24/7 lab environment that members can access on their laptops and on the mobile app.

Benefits and opportunities for IO members:

  1. Engage: Get access to worldwide expertise and opportunities to help shape the purpose and success of the community.
  2. Support Network: Get support from other community members and our organization. Identify best practices, key actors, and promote the diffusion of good practices among the members of the community.
  3. Stay up to date: Be invited to participate in our online meetings and events, networking opportunities, and stay updated with industry trends and IO initiatives.
  4. Learn: Share challenges and learn from your peers. Download exclusive Labs documents and guidelines.

In line with IO’s Roaming Development Goals (RDGs), this community platform facilitates a collaborative environment for all IO members to share their challenges in real time, being able to move faster.

IO brings together Mobile Operators from around the world to review best practice in International Roaming and Interconnect. Having established its member organisation in 2021, IO seeks to support the industry with workshops where mobile operators exchange best practice, IO trainings and insights which assist Mobile Operators in strategic decision making and to seek new opportunities amidst a challenging and disruptive communications environment.

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