Accelerator Labs

About IO Accelerator Labs

Labs are where MNOs can share their vision, expertise and knowledge and learn from other operators along the way. Being part of a Lab assists Operators in innovating their end to end roaming delivery processes.

  • Expect practical and educational workshops on the key challenges across different markets.
  • Don’t expect Labs to discuss industry standards, this is not our role. However, Labs will feed into Standards Bodies for wider industry benefit and to also ensure that MNO concerns and challenges are clearly taken into account before standards are set.

We listen out for the challenges Mobile Operators have and discuss practical ways to solve problems. Labs are a perfect place for any operator to put resources who are interested in innovating the industry, or just wanting to learn what to do next. 

Messaging Evolution Lab
African Roaming Alliance Lab
5G Roaming Lab
VoLTE Roaming Lab