Why an Accreditation Programme?

The Telecoms Vendor products and services sector for wholesale roaming has grown and diversified in recent years. While there are many companies Mobile Operators are familiar with, there are also several new Vendors which have emerged which now offer Wholesale Roaming related services. 

Some vendors offer a full end-to-end product set for Roaming and many offer specialist services. The vendors are globally situated and serve the entire community of MNOs. 

The Executive Board of IO decided in November 2022 to introduce an accreditation programme to reassure Mobile Operators that vendors meet basic requirements. Furthermore, that they are qualified to present and share perspectives on Wholesale Roaming in IO Labs, Plenaries and Boards when asked to do so.

IO.30 Accreditation Programme

IO has established the IO.30 Accreditation Programme to ensure wholesale roaming vendors who work with Mobile Operators meet high standards of service and care for their clients and when invited to participate in IO Labs and Plenaries share qualified data and best practices.

IO leadership has consulted on the programme with many Mobile Operators in recent years, gathering key requirements Mobile Operators have and listening to their concerns and challenges. 

The programme consists of 3 essential elements:

  • A mechanism for Vendors to be assessed by completing a form where they must advise on over 20 KPIs and submit information about their companies. There is no self-assessment mechanism.  
  • The then inspection of the KPI feedback and documentation resulting in a pass or fail. 
  • The awarding of a Mark and listing which shows which vendors are accredited by IO.
How the programme will work

The scheme will work in a way which is broadly similar to other accreditation programmes:

  1. The rules of the accreditation programme as agreed by the Executive Board of IO are contained within IO.30. 
  2. Vendors will apply for accreditation annually. They can do this on any date of the year they require. 
  3. The accreditation lasts for one year from the date the accreditation is approved by IO. 
  4. Vendors pay an annual fee for Accreditation. The fee structure for the programme will be outlined in the IO.30 document.
  5. The Vendor may use the mark on their website, on marketing and promotion and may use the term ‘IO Accredited Vendor’. 

All Vendors receiving the IO.30 Accreditation will be communicated to the IO Community and accredited Vendors will appear in a table on this page.

Apply now to the IO.30 Accreditation Programme

IO.30 Qualifying Vendors

Offer Wholesale Roaming Services and Products

Meet the requirements of IO.30 Accreditation Programme

Can share the required documentation needed

IO.30 Accredited Vendors

More Accredited Vendors will be announced soon

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