What is IO?

Innovative Operators, IO for short, is an Accelerator Programme exclusively for Mobile Network Operators with the objective of driving Innovation and education within the Roaming and Interconnect industry.

Our mission is to help modernise the Roaming and Interconnect industry by bringing together Mobile Operators, who through community, shared resources and common objectives are able to create the next generation of services.

IO is open to all Mobile Network Operators, large or small, from all regions of the world, and endeavours to work closely supporting the work of the standards bodies.

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VoLTE Roaming Taskforce

History of IO: VoLTE Roaming Taskforce

The VoLTE Roaming Taskforce was created in November 2019 following many conversations with MNOs expressing a need for a more practical and solution oriented approach.

Although the taskforce was facilitated by ROCCO at the beginning, it only has MNO members attending with Verizon as the chair. The principle has been simple, to have an MNO only forum where MNOs can identify VoLTE Roaming issues and challenges and in a shared manner, find fixes and share expertise and experience to enable other operators to launch VoLTE Roaming quickly and seamlessly. The taskforce has also been working to create awareness in the industry and socialise the impact of the decommissioning of 2G and 3G on roaming services. Being an MNO only forum, the taskforce was able to focus on the challenges MNO’s face and work on them exclusively as a community.

It is precisely this “accelerator lab” like environment and a joint working platform of MNOs that is needed to face all the challenges of the day in Roaming, so for once we can get ahead of the technology curve. This is why IO has been created.

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IO works to solve challenges, educate and stimulate innovation.