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Roaming Connectivity Lab

What is RCL?

The Roaming Connectivity Lab (RCL) is a new member only group within IO to focus on the roaming challenges across the wider ecosystem for all kinds of roaming providers.

Since IO started in April 2021, its focal point has been to identify the key challenges that needed to be addressed and resolved in the Roaming and Interconnect industry, including connectivity challenges, service openings and technical challenges. With roaming being such a complex ecosystem (MNOs, MVNOs, private networks, standard bodies, handset manufacturers, vendors, etc.), it is necessary to understand that different players contend with all the different challenges.

The RCL#1 Pilot Session took place on March 8th 2022, and now we would like to hear from you. 

Contact us to get the RCL#1 Minutes

Who can join RCL:

  • MNOs
  • Full MVNOs
  • Reseller MVNOs
  • Service Provider MVNOs
  • Enhanced Service Provider MVNOs
  • Private Networks (Especially 5G)
  • Low Orbit Satellite Operators
  • Alternative Roaming Services Providers

RCL#1 Follow up Survey

Please complete the following survey to let us know you are interested in further development of the RCL

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