IO Executive Board investigate Roaming Automation, Quality of Service, and target SMS Fraud in new dedicated Messaging Lab

The Innovative Operators (IO) Executive Board Convenes in Luxembourg for Its Sixth Board Meeting, Hosted by Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services.

Luxembourg, 22nd January 2024 – The Innovative Operators (IO) Executive Board gathered for its sixth board meeting this January in Luxembourg, with the esteemed event hosted by Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services. The meeting saw a focused discussion on advancing initiatives aligned with the Roaming Development Goals (RDGs), a framework established during the inaugural board meeting. The RDGs serve as a compass guiding IO’s commitment to fostering innovation.

Established to set objectives and promote industry support, the RDGs emphasize key areas such as innovation, digital transformation, quality of service, availability of services, knowledge sharing, and fostering unity within the roaming community. Detailed information about the RDGs can be found here.

During the meeting, Chaired by Bayobab CEO Frédéric Schepens and supported by the Vice-Chair Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg from CK Hutchison Group, special attention was given to the activities of its RoamForward sub-committee. RoamForward’s mandate encompasses the exploration of automation, initiatives related to quality of experience, testing, and roaming agreement management. Notably, it was highlighted that the IO Executive Board achieved compliance with GSMA Standards in September of the preceding year, providing a robust foundation for enhanced operational efficiency.

IO Executive Board, Advisory Board and Lab Chairs

IO Executive Board, Advisory Board, Organisational Board and Lab Chairs at the Vodafone Offices in Luxembourg, 22nd January 2024.

Several ongoing initiatives were showcased, demonstrating IO’s commitment to ensuring the continued growth and improvement of traditional roaming practices. The Executive Board acknowledged and reflected on the Advisory Board’s contributions throughout 2023 and extended a warm welcome to the new Advisory Board officers for 2024: Eva Heinze Gildum (Yaana) and Roberto Lima (Comfone).

In a strategic move, the Executive Board, in consultation with the Advisory Board, approved the establishment of a new lab dedicated to Messaging. Recognizing the challenges faced by A2P SMS in the context of insider industry fraud, particularly on grey routes, sim boxes, and artificial inflation of traffic, the “Messaging Evolution Lab” aims to address these concerns. The lab’s workplan will focus on identifying and exposing insider industry fraud scenarios on SMS, the evolution of SMS as a service into 5G and beyond, RCS evolution, and Flash calling. IO members are expected to contribute resources to support the lab’s initiatives.

The IO Executive Board expressed satisfaction with the outcomes and progress achieved by IO, its labs, and plenaries. The approval of the Messaging-Lab marks a significant step forward in addressing industry challenges and reinforcing IO’s commitment to excellence in the roaming space.

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