Brendan Cleary, CEO of Cellusys, new member of the IO Advisory Board

IO welcomes Brendan Cleary, CEO of Cellusys, as a new member of the Advisory Board. The IO Advisory Board comprises industry leaders and experts who serve as thought partners and strategists to further the movement for advancing telecommunications solutions. In short, the IO Advisory Board serves the purpose of its name—to offer advice that helps the IO community grow and achieve its goals in the telecommunications sector.

“I’m driven by the conviction that collaboration and innovation are essential to solving industry challenges. By bringing diverse perspectives together, we can pioneer practical solutions that drive real change. My focus is on turning innovative ideas into tangible outcomes, grounded in a solutions-oriented mindset.”

Brendan Cleary

Brendan’s journey with Cellusys began in 2009, where he started as a software engineer. Through his dedication and continuous learning, Brendan navigated various roles within the company, including engineering, product development, account management, and sales. In August 2020, Brendan assumed the role of CEO, marking a significant milestone in his career.

As CEO, Brendan’s leadership style emphasizes collaboration and partnership within the telecommunications industry. He recognizes the value of working closely with other companies in the ecosystem to develop innovative solutions and address industry challenges effectively.

Brendan Cleary’s leadership philosophy revolves around humility and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. With a focus on teamwork and shared goals, he continues to guide Cellusys toward greater heights, always mindful of the collective effort required to achieve success. 

More Advisory Board members will be announced soon.

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