Matteo Gatta from BICS, new member of the Advisory Board

IO welcomes Matteo Gatta, CEO at BICS, as a new member of the Advisory Board. The IO Advisory Board comprises industry leaders and experts who serve as thought partners and strategists to further the movement for developing International Roaming. In short, the IO Advisory Board serves the purpose of its name—to offer advice that helps the IO community grow and achieve its Roaming Development Goals.

“We are living in a time of profound global digital transformation. I believe the rapid upward trajectory in enterprise digital communications represents a unique growth opportunity for operators. MNOs play a pivotal role in powering the cloud, IoT and 5G innovations driving so many of the business applications we see around us today. BICS bridges the telco and digital communications world, and the Innovative Operators forum provides a platform of peers for industry insights and knowledge-sharing. Through collaboration we will further drive innovation, enhancing and bolstering our value to customers in this NextGen technology era.”

Matteo Gatta

Matteo Gatta was appointed CEO of BICS in 2021 and has spearheaded the company’s transformation from a traditional wholesale carrier to a global leader in digital communications, cloud communication services, mobility, and IoT. He aims to make BICS a true communications platform company and a reference partner for mobile operators and enterprises, globally.

He has acquired over 20 years of experience in mobile and internet access services and software development, having held various positions in Italy, the UK, and Belgium. Matteo has served as CEO of telecom provider Scarlet, Director of Network Strategy, Innovation
& Partnerships at Proximus, and as Board Member of Proximus Luxembourg, previously Tango – Telindus, and Tessares. He was also a founding director of the IoT technology alliance, LoRa Alliance. Matteo was appointed CEO of BICS in January 2021, where he is accelerating the company’s growth and diversification strategy.

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Innovative Operators

IO brings together Mobile Operators from around the world to review best practice in International Roaming and Interconnect. Having established its member organisation in 2021, IO seeks to support the industry with workshops where mobile operators exchange best practice, IO trainings and insights which assist Mobile Operators in strategic decision making and to seek new opportunities amidst a challenging and disruptive communications environment.

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