A new M2M/IoT Lab from Innovative Operators which ensures MNOs seize the opportunity of IoT for Roaming

The opportunity of M2M/IoT is clear for everyone, but many MNOs feel that for international roaming the working practices are far from optimised. Many MNOs disagree on what constitutes M2M, while others are concerned about the transparency of M2M devices in their networks and the age-old problem of what constitutes permanent roaming still persists. Wholesale and Retail pricing regimes are also a focus area that MNOs feel just hasn’t been clear enough developed for roaming.

With all this in mind, a new lab “M2M/IoT” has been proposed by the Advisory board of IO. Its focus is on MNOs getting together and sharing experiences, knowledge, and working practices to find ways to improve the M2M/IoT environment and ensure that MNOs can get the full benefit of the opportunity of M2M/IoT.

Starting on April 7th,  a pilot for the new lab begins, followed by a session at the IO Plenary #02 in May. In June, soon to be announced there will also be a 2-day face-to-face lab dedicated to this topic, where MNOs can work directly on best practices in M2M/IoT. Look out for more news on the M2M/IoT Lab coming very soon.


Pilot Session

April 7th at 2 pm CET

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