IO Executive Board Drives Innovation and Collaboration in Telecom Industry

Edinburgh, Scotland – June 26, 2023

The Innovative Operators (IO) Executive Board held their fifth face-to-face meeting on June 23rd at the esteemed Surgeons Hall Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. The board members convened to review the progress of IO labs, address industry challenges, and set the course for future endeavors.

The meeting commenced with the warm welcome of Nabil Baccouche from the e& Group as the newest member of the Executive Board. Nabil’s inclusion brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team, further enriching IO’s commitment to fostering innovation within the telecommunications sector.

The Chairs of all the Labs presented comprehensive reports on their accomplishments, challenges faced by the industry, and their ambitious plans for future developments. The Executive Board congratulated the Lab Chairs for their remarkable progress and unwavering dedication.

To strengthen the leadership team, the Board unanimously approved the appointment of Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg (CKH IOD) as the IO Executive Board Deputy Chair. Anneli’s distinguished track record and leadership acumen make her an invaluable asset to the organization, positioning IO for continued success.

Education emerged as a paramount concern during the review, as the Board acknowledged the widening expertise gap within the industry. Members unanimously stressed the urgent need to invest in educational initiatives.

With the industry getting more complex and the demand for new service launches forecast to increase substantially, the board renewed its support for exploring innovative solutions that streamline service launch and troubleshooting testing processes, ensuring the industry stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

With a steadfast commitment to supporting smaller Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), the Executive Board has mandated the creation of a dedicated think tank. This collaborative platform aims to identify and implement initiatives tailored to the unique needs of smaller MNOs, empowering them to thrive in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Quality of Service was a pivotal topic of discussion, particularly concerning end customers and the challenges posed when Roaming. The Board highlighted the paramount importance of delivering consistent quality of service in the forthcoming era of 5G technology. IO has tasked its labs to explore the development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for 5G Roaming and to evaluate the opportunities and limitations presented by Network Slicing. These efforts aim to ensure seamless and superior customer experiences while leveraging the potential of 5G technology.

The Executive Board also reviewed the invaluable insights and recommendations provided by the Advisory Board, acknowledging their significant contributions to IO’s ongoing initiatives.

The IO Executive Board expressed its satisfaction with the outcomes and progress achieved by IO, its Labs, and Plenaries. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in November in Casablanca, co-located with IO Plenary #05, further emphasizing IO’s commitment to global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

About Innovative Operators (IO):

Innovative Operators (IO) is a leading consortium of telecommunications industry leaders dedicated to driving innovation and collaboration. IO facilitates knowledge sharing, research, and development, empowering its members to shape the future of telecommunications. IO’s labs and plenaries provide a collaborative environment for addressing industry challenges and fostering ground-breaking solutions.

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From left to right: Prakash Kumta (Ooredoo), Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg (CKH IOD), Dhiraj Wazir (IO), David Mansisidor (AT&T), Cameron Dunn (AT&T), Theresa Adade (Bayobab), Marco Hofmann (Swisscom),  Frederic Schepens (Bayobab), Matthew Bisoffi (CKH IOD), Judit Albers (A1 Group), Benedicte David (Orange), Didier Durand (Orange), Nabil Baccouche (e&), Jason Bryan (IO) and Anis Mbarek (Vodafone).

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