Announcing the Roaming Connectivity Lab Deputy Chair: Sanaz Moshirian from CKH IOD

The Roaming Connectivity Lab is pleased to introduce Sanaz Moshirian, International Roaming Technical Specialist at CKH, as the new RCL Deputy Chair. 

Sanaz is a seasoned telecom industry professional with over 17 years of diverse and extensive experience. Her career journey began in the Network Management Center, where she honed her skills in managing telecom networks efficiently. Over the years, she has progressed through various roles in the roaming department, serving as a Roaming Engineer and later transitioning into a Roaming Project Manager. Since September 2023, Sanaz has been contributing her expertise as a Technical Specialist, bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to her current role.

“I am eager to leverage my expertise and passion for innovation to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of IO through the Roaming Connectivity Lab. As deputy chair, I am committed to facilitating collaborative efforts, driving industry standards, and ensuring that the Roaming Connectivity Lab remains at the forefront of technological advancements in private networks and Voice over WiFi, etc.”

Sanaz Moshirian

Throughout her career, Sanaz has been instrumental in leading and managing several key projects that have significantly impacted the telecom industry. Her expertise in project management shines through in her accomplishments, such as leading the automation of E2E network configuration, which earned her team recognition and secured the 5th place in Operator Innovation at the prestigious ROCCO Innovators awards. Additionally, her role in managing the different roaming related projects showcased her ability to handle complex technical initiatives successfully.

Sanaz’s dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements is reflected in her active participation in various GSMA initiatives, such as the 5GMRR, NG, IR.21 task force (IRAUDTF), and her involvement in the development of the 5G SA test book (NG.143). Her engagement in broader industry platforms, like the Innovation Operators, where she led the service launches subgroup and contributed to the development of the VoLTE Playbook, underscores her commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration across sectors. Her involvement spans areas such as eSIM, Global title leasing, private networks, and the integration of 5G SA, showcasing her commitment to driving industry standards and best practices forward.

Sanaz has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in project management, team leadership, interface management, International Roaming, and PRD changes and updates. Noteworthy among her achievements is leading the automation of E2E network configuration, earning recognition for innovation in this domain. She has also successfully managed pivotal projects such as Google RBM implementation, LTE Roaming, VoLTE Roaming, and 5G NSA Roaming.

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