David Mansisidor

Announcing the Roaming Connectivity Lab Chair: David Mansisidor from AT&T

The Roaming Connectivity Lab announces its Chair David Mansisidor, Principal Product Development Manager at AT&T, who will be leading the Lab to ensure it meets the objectives defined by the members. The Roaming Connectivity Lab (RCL) scope of work is to address connectivity challenges with networks that fall outside the roaming connectivity ecosystem established in the industry: Private Networks and Neutral Hosts.

“I’m currently leading efforts at AT&T to build connectivity with enterprises deploying Neutral Host and private cellular networks using shared spectrum. MNOs have complexities and network experience expectations that present challenges when accessing shared spectrum. These networks will require a degree of MNO cooperation that will be new and need a clear, common approach. I’m excited to join Innovative Operators to learn from other MNOs and build access solutions for MNOs on Neutral Host and private cellular networks.”

David Mansisidor

David is a Principal Product Development Manager in the Intercarrier Architecture and Development at AT&T. He has over 20 years of knowledge and experience developing and launching new mobile products and services across multiple technologies. David is a proven leader who brings attention to detail, has strong communication skills, and a collaborative approach leading teams in ideation, development, and implementation. His areas of expertise include product development and management, roaming and interoperability, device product development, product strategy, marketing, and operations.

After the first RCL session in 2022, it’s with great pleasure that IO welcomes David Mansisidor to the team. The Roaming Connectivity Lab will kick off again with its second session on April 26th.

IO members can submit their nominations to join David as RCL Deputy Chair by contacting info@innovativeoperators.io

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