Announcing the M2M/IoT Lab Chair: Johannes Opitz from Deutsche Telekom

The M2M/IoT Lab appoints its Chair Johannes Opitz, Vice President Commercial Roaming and International Mobile Wholesale at Deutsche Telekom. This new lab, proposed by the Advisory Board of IO, will focus on knowledge sharing and elaborating working practices to find ways to improve the M2M/IoT environment. Johannes was one of the first members to join the VoLTE Roaming Lab in 2019, and has made a significant contribution across all Labs since IO was established in 2021.

Johannes Opitz PhD, Vice President for Commercial Roaming at Deutsche Telekom. At DT, Johannes leads the global negotiations and strategic partnerships with the world’s leading Telecom Groups. His expertise includes Telecommunications; IoT; Roaming; Strategic Partnerships & Operator Alliances; Strategy; Product Development & Marketing; TV & Media; Corporate Finance & Business Planning. Johannes holds a PhD Degree in Accounting & Corporate Finance.

“My deep passion for our industry is matched only by the desire to bring my contribution to developments that ultimately have a meaningful impact on society. I am also a firm believer that Roaming needs to transform itself, anticipate trends and sensibly shape them to foster sustainable growth. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and bring Roaming to the forefront of innovation.”

Johannes Opitz

It’s with great pleasure that IO welcomes Johannes Opitz to the team. The M2M/IoT Lab is a space for mobile operators to leverage the new opportunities M2M/IoT presents. The M2M/IoT Lab Pilot session takes place on April 7th, registration is open for MNOs.

If you would like to know more about the M2M/IoT Lab please email us at


Pilot Session

April 7th at 2 pm CET

Registration for this session is close

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