Announcing the 5GRL Lab Chair: Luc Lamoureux from Reliance JIO

The 5G Roaming Lab is pleased to announce the appointment of former Deputy Chair Luc Lamoureux, Director, Global Roaming & Planning at Reliance JIO, as the new Chair. IO would also like to express our gratitude to Marco Hofmann for his exceptional contributions during his tenure as former 5GRL Chair and congratulate him for being promoted to oversee new projects as Leader for Organisations at Swisscom.

With advanced knowledge in 5G and 5G SA, Luc Lamoureux has been actively participating in the lab discussions as Deputy Chair, ensuring that the 5GRL objectives and KPIs are developed according to the work plan.

“Leading the 5G Roaming Lab is challenging and rewarding. The Innovative Operator community is eager to share and learn on 5G SA connectivity, experiences and progress. MNOs are helping each other with new network elements, acronyms and lessons learnt. It is very exciting to be part of this new chapter in roaming.”

Luc Lamoureux

Luc Lamoureux is currently the Director, International Roaming and Planning at Reliance JIO, a 4G & 5G Stand Alone wireless operator with over 400+ million subscribers on 4G and 50 million on 5G SA. He has 25 years of experience and hands-on roaming knowledge. Having worked in multiple Countries, Luc is a true roamer and passionate about it.

Luc has been involved with the development of industry standards for many years and has been the GSMA WAS Deputy Chair from 2019- 2022. He was supporting the previous chair of 5GRL and will now lead the Lab.

The 5G Roaming Lab is an IO Lab featuring discussions on Service Level Agreements, Networks Slices, Quality, and IOT Negotiations and is a sounding board for ideas, and innovative ways to get 5G Roaming working and investigate the new revenue streams it can bring.

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