5GRL Chair Derek Rapaduski

Announcing the 5GRL Chair: Derek Rapaduski from AT&T

The 5G Roaming Lab (5GRL) appoints its Chair Derek Rapaduski, Sr Product Development Engineer at AT&T. This lab features discussions on Service Level Agreements, Networks Slices, Quality, IOT Negotiations and is a sounding board for ideas, innovative ways to get 5G Roaming working and investigate the new revenue streams it can bring.

“It is an exciting time for Roaming and Telecommunications in general. The industry is evolving real-time in its capability and complexity with the movement to 5G. Working together to understand that balance and drive collaborative solutions that serve Operators and their end customers is at the core of what the 5GRL is all about. I am excited to work with great people to solve the challenges together.”

Derek Rapaduski

Derek Rapaduski is a Sr Product Development Engineer in Global Intercarrier Services at AT&T, with 28 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in ideation, development, and implementation of new mobile roaming products and service technologies. His career evolution in mobile telecommunications has allowed for success via comprehensive “end-to-end” vision and execution in new technologies and service delivery.

Derek’s varied roles have allowed both experience and expertise in the areas of testing, network architecture, standards, vendor management, strategy, and development. His recent successes have included standardization, development and deployment of mobility services for off-network & inter-carrier use, including 5G, LTE, VOLTE/VoNR/IMS, IoT, CBRS, and Private Access technologies. Derek’s strengths are also what he enjoys most in his work: the opportunity to attack new challenges, drive for results, and to build relationships.

It’s with great pleasure that IO welcomes Derek Rapaduski to the 5GRL Leadership team.

If you would like to know more about 5GRL, please email us at info@innovativeoperators.io

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