Africa in the spotlight at the first-ever African Roaming Alliance Lab face-to-face meeting

Cairo, Egypt – September 26th & 27th, 2023

African operators got together at the first-ever in-person meeting of the African Roaming Alliance (ARA) Lab. Held in the vibrant city of Cairo, Egypt, this landmark event took place alongside the inaugural Roaming Automation Roadshow, welcoming IO.30 Accredited Vendors to showcase their solutions.

Fully focused on the African region, this event, chaired by Theresa Adade from Bayobab, with Samba Kouamelan from Orange Group as Deputy Chair, aimed to comprehensively assess the end-to-end Roaming delivery processes across the continent. Recognizing the challenges
African operators face in attending industry events, the ARA Lab seeks to ensure their voices are not just heard but included where they matter most.

More than 20 Mobile Network Operator (MNO) representatives, including delegates from Bayobab, e& (Etisalat), MTN, Orange, Sudatel, and Telecom Egypt, gathered to explore market opportunities and engage in discussions on crucial topics such as regulations, quality of service, commercial models, customer experience, and eSIM implementation.

The first day of the event concluded with an evening hosted by Nextgen Clearing, allowing ARA delegates to savour the exquisite Egyptian cuisine while taking in the fascinating sights of the Nile River at night. Attendees also had the opportunity to network and
connect with Nextgen’s team based in Cairo.

The second day held the first Roaming Automation Roadshow, with presentations from IO.30 Accredited Vendors Cellusys, Syniverse, Comfone, and RoamSmart, who showcased their cutting-edge solutions for automated testing, roaming processes, financial clearing, and more. African operators actively engaged in discussions, raising their concerns and exploring potential solutions.

Having this African Roaming Alliance Lab face-to-face co-located session with the Roaming Automation Roadshow was one of Innovative Operator’s endeavours to promote innovation and unity in the African continent through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Looking ahead, operators are set to reconvene in Casablanca, Morocco, from November 28th to 30th for IO Plenary #05, which will feature sessions from all IO Labs, including the African Roaming Alliance Lab, VoLTE Roaming Lab, 5G Roaming Lab, M2M Roaming Lab, and Roaming Connectivity Lab.

About African Roaming Alliance (ARA) Lab:

The African Roaming Alliance (ARA) Lab is a collaborative platform established to address
the unique challenges and opportunities in the African telecommunications industry.
Comprising leading African operators and industry stakeholders, ARA Lab is dedicated to
enhancing the roaming experience, regulatory compliance, and innovation in the region.

About Innovative Operator (IO):

Innovative Operator (IO) is a forward-thinking organization committed to promoting
knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration among telecom operators.

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