IO’s Vision for Roaming Customer Experience

Since the inception of IO, prioritising Customer Service has been fundamental for Mobile Operators when considering Roaming development. Our Vision and Mission lay the groundwork for organising global Mobile Operators to enhance roaming services, while our development goals outline how IO achieves this.

To help articulate the aims for the customer experience for our members, IO has crafted a concise vision: the IO Vision for Roaming Customer Experience. This encapsulates seven specific goals that help Mobile Operators communicate the impact of our work to customers.

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IO Mision
To help modernise the Roaming and Interconnect industry by bringing together Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, who through community, shared resources and common objectives are able to create the next generation of services. 
IO Vision
To become a specific focal point in the industry for Roaming and Interconnect from where MNOs can drive and support Innovation, devise practical solutions to mitigate risks, meet challenges and create services in the best interests of the end customers whilst remaining in full compliance with Antitrust Laws.

7 Pillars of IO’s Vision for Roaming Customer Experience

Through innovation and customer-centricity, we aim to create a world where international travelers effortlessly stay connected and enjoy a perfect roaming experience that exceeds their expectations.

1. Seamless and Secured Connectivity:

The subscriber would experience uninterrupted and secure connectivity while roaming, with a smooth transition between their home network and the visited network. There would be no drop in quality or frequent disconnections during voice calls, data usage, or messaging.

Similarly, the subscriber will be treated with the same security measures in the visited network as they would be in their home network, including ensuring data integrity and location privacy.

2. Worldwide Network Coverage:

The roaming subscribers would have access to network coverage equal to a domestic subscriber, ensuring reliable connectivity in most countries and regions worldwide. They would be able to roam seamlessly in multiple destinations without any limitations or network compatibility issues, with the best appropriate quality of service.

3. Flexible and Personalised Roaming Plans:

Telecoms providers would offer flexible roaming plans tailored to a specific subscriber’s needs, allowing subscribers to choose the appropriate package based on their specific usage requirements while abroad.

4. Data Control and Transparency:

Roaming subscribers would have full control and visibility over their roaming data usage. They would receive real-time notifications and alerts about their data consumption, allowing them to manage and control their usage effectively to avoid unexpected charges.

5. Enhanced Customer Support:

Telecoms providers to offer dedicated customer support services specifically for roaming subscribers. This support would be easily accessible, providing prompt assistance in case of any issues or concerns while roaming, with assurances of SLAs between home and visited networks to fix issues promptly.

6. Value-added Services:

Telecoms providers would offer value-added services to enhance the roaming experience.

7. Simplicity and User-Friendliness:

The roaming experience would be straightforward and user-friendly. Subscribers would be able to activate and manage their roaming services easily through intuitive self-service portals, mobile apps, without any complexity or cumbersome processes.

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