Judit Albers from A1, new member of the Executive Board

Ahead of the second meeting of the Executive Board of IO in Cologne, IO is pleased to announce Judit Albers, Director of A1 International Business at A1 Telekom Austria Group, as the new member of the Executive Board.

Since the launch of IO in April 2021, the non-profit member organisation has focused on Roaming and Interconnect, receiving great recognition from the industry through mobile operator engagement. Roaming Projects that previously lacked focus and collaboration are now better equipped through IO labs. IO Labs has helped numerous operators to increase their awareness, be more in tune and further engage in promoting and prioritising significant roaming projects.

“The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major transformation, more and more it becomes important to listen and respond to customer needs and adapt our product portfolio to the everchanging needs at a pace, which was earlier unprecedented. The International Business team at the A1 Telekom Austria Group is firmly convinced that with innovative customer solutions and high quality it can further expand the position the Group has achieved on the market in Austria and the CEE region”

Judit Albers

On 1 October 2021 Judit Albers became Director of A1 International Business. With Judit Albers yet another top professional has joined the management team and is sitting at the interface of one of the A1 Telekom Austria Group’s key business areas. Judit looks back on a long international career in the telecom industry and is a proven expert in the wholesale sector.

Judit Albers was Head of International Business at AzerTelecom in Azerbaijan, where she was responsible for the operator’s international business segment including voice and data worldwide. Her successful projects included positive business development as well as the execution of challenging projects such as the international broadcast of F1 races and UEFA soccer games. Judit Albers also actively drove anti-fraud development in the Wholesale area.

From 1999 to 2018, Judit Albers worked for Deutsche Telekom in several locations (Bonn, Budapest and in the Balkan region), where she held numerous management positions. Most recently, she was Head of Voice Trading, CEE, ME and Asia, where she managed the traffic of Deutsche Telekom and numerous Eastern European subsidiaries, drove the Asia business and also recorded significant growth in the Middle East through active business development.

She holds a BA degree in “Business and International Relations” from Corvinus University in Budapest and an MBA degree in “Telecommunications” from Corvinus University in Budapest as well.

More Executive Board members will be announced soon.

Please contact info@innovativeoperators.io for more information.

Innovative Operators

IO brings together Mobile Operators from around the world to review best practice in International Roaming and Interconnect. Having established its member organisation in 2021, IO seeks to support the industry with workshops where mobile operators exchange best practice, IO trainings and insights which assist Mobile Operators in strategic decision making and to seek new opportunities amidst a challenging and disruptive communications environment.

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