IO Announces the formation of an Advisory Board

Agreed at the last IO Executive board meeting held in Dubai in November, IO would like to announce the formation of an Advisory Board.

It is well-recognised that International Roaming having been established for 30 years, is in a new development phase with the emergence of 5G SA, network slicing, quality of service and IoT initiatives being the focus of roaming teams. How best to automate, accelerate and deliver upon the new services is the constant focus of operators. Having an Advisory Board within IO, allows the community to get a broad view of the best practices, innovations and ideas which could help IO achieve its objectives.

The IO Advisory Board will consist of industry leaders and experts who will serve as thought partners and strategists to further the movement for developing International Roaming. In short, the IO Advisory Board serves the purpose of its name—to offer advice that helps the IO community grow and achieve its Roaming Development Goals.

The Advisory Board will be managed by Executive Board Members, Anis Mbarek (Vodafone) Chair and Cameron Dunn (AT&T) Deputy Chair. As well as member MNOs, the Advisory Board will feature IO.30 Accredited Vendors who serve global MNOs with products and services, handset manufacturers, subject matter experts as required for the subject matter areas needed.

Anis Mbarek


IO Advisory Board Chair

Cameron Dunn


IO Advisory Board Deputy Chair

The Chairman of the IO Executive Board, Frédéric Schepens CEO of MTN GlobalConnect shared on the Advisory Board “In the interests of investment in the long-term growth of Roaming services, the Executive Board recognises that an Advisory Board of specialists and subject matter experts is a great source of advice and insights which adds to the wealth of knowledge being established in IO. The Board is excited to welcome expertise on key subjects impacting the roaming space and on new opportunities we can explore and nurture within the IO community”.

The Advisory Board which will kick-off in Q1 2023.

For enquiries about IO’s Advisory Board please contact IO Director General Jason Bryan at

About IO

Innovative Operators (IO) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the MNO and MVNO community to work on the challenges and opportunities coming from the Wholesale Roaming sector of telecoms. Starting in 2021, IO has an established community of over 100 Member operators in over 80 countries who work in Labs to workshop how they can optimise their Wholesale roaming businesses. IO has established Roaming Development Goals as a means of framing its objective, to explore how roaming can be developed, bring quality and to ensure availability of roaming services globally. The focus of IO is on education, collaboration and pragmatic solutions which help optimise roaming development.

Learn more about the IO.30 Accreditation here.

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