The New IO Lab “African Roaming Alliance” (ARA) kicks off 29th June 2021

The African Roaming Alliance is a group of MNOs that come together to review the entire end to end Roaming Delivery process and see what can be improved to ensure the success of Roaming across African countries and intercontinentally.

In the first meeting we request any MNO from the African region to share any issue or challenge. The expectation is that MNOs can together discuss and consider how we can work together to resolve each challenge discussed.

What makes IO special is that it caters exclusively to Mobile Operators. Also, IO is a non-profit organisation, so our goal is just to get operators together to think innovatively about how we can improve roaming for subscribers.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the end-to-end Roaming Process and share your concerns about it, please register for the event and we look forward to hearing your concerns on the 29th June. Together we can raise awareness and make a difference.

African Alliance Lab

African Roaming Alliance Lab

ARA #1 Kick off (Free to attend)

29th June 2021 at 2 pm CET

Registration is closed now

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