Three years ago, an entirely new way of collaborating for MNO’s Wholesale Roaming teams was introduced to the industry

In December 2019, a group of Mobile Operators got together and formed a global taskforce to work on the Roaming challenges they were facing. There were so many areas to discuss and so much to share.

From the first taskforce meeting in Milan focussed on VoLTE and hosted by CKHIOD, to the next in Paris hosted by Bouygues Telecom, the group saw such merit in coming together for discussions that they soon wanted to broaden their opportunities.

First VoLTE Roaming Taskforce meeting in Milan, Italy, December 2019.

They added some fresh approaches to looking at the industry. They talked about how the whole ecosystem was working. They recommended solutions they found to be of interest. It was the first time that they had the floor to themselves to really learn from each other.

In April 2021, the group became IO and the objective was to develop roaming as a solution globally and how mobile operators can serve better their subscribers with world class roaming services.

Formal documentation was introduced to create the structure needed to develop IO. As a non-profit organisation the most important thing was to make the organisation dynamic and easy to join. In April 2022, the Executive Board was formed, which now oversees how IO is developing. Many new initiatives are being introduced by the Board.

IO continues to this day, helping the brightest and most dynamic Roaming teams to explore, improve quality, improve the availability of services and to learn and educate each other.

To all the MNOs who ever sought the opportunity to accelerate projects, to learn and discuss strategic concerns, and to shape the future of roaming. Thanks for the first three years.

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