VoLTE Roaming Playbook Published by Innovative Operators

Innovative Operators (IO), a non-profit organization led by mobile operators with a focus on international roaming, is excited to announce the release of the VoLTE Roaming Playbook. This document is a compilation of collaborative efforts by mobile operators worldwide who have shared valuable insights and perspectives while actively contributing to the VoLTE Roaming Lab (VRL).

The Playbook is a valuable resource that offers guidance to mobile operators aiming to implement VoLTE (Voice over LTE) roaming services to expand their footprint. This marks IO’s second publication of a Playbook, following the release of the M2M Roaming Playbook in May 2023.

Over the last four years, mobile operators have faced significant challenges in implementing VoLTE Roaming due to the increasing decommissioning of 2G/3G networks. The VoLTE Roaming Lab, former VoLTE Roaming Taskforce, was created in November 2019 following many MNOs expressing a need for a more practical and solution-oriented approach to VoLTE Roaming.

The VoLTE Roaming Playbook encompasses guidance and practical advice on the main pain points identified at VRL. This first release of the Playbook focuses on key areas such as Service Launch, Implementation and Testing, Lawful Intercept and Data Retention, Commercial Implications, the impact on SMS services, and an overview of VoLTE Solutions. The Playbook will be regularly updated to incorporate the contributions from MNOs who are actively participating at VRL.

“Whether it’s network sunsets, spectrum refarming, preparing for 5G, or any other driver, VoLTE Roaming has been, and still is, one of the key priorities for operators. I think it’s fair to say that the roll out of VoLTE has not come without its challenges; the great work by the IO VoLTE Roaming Lab team, and now the publication of the VoLTE Roaming Playbook, provides a platform to support operators in managing this new technology, and is a great example of the industry coming together in sharing experiences and finding solutions to problems – at the end of the day, operators cannot function alone, so everybody benefits in getting this working.”   

Matthew Bisoffi (Chair of IO VoLTE Roaming Lab)

The VoLTE Roaming Playbook is available to members of Innovative Operators and can be downloaded from IO Mobilize.

For more information about the IO Playbooks or Membership of IO, please contact: info@innovativeoperators.io

About Innovative Operators (IO)

Innovative Operators has been providing a forum for innovative development of roaming for two years, and with a commitment to the development of roaming as a service, IO is dedicated to helping Mobile Operators achieve their goals for wholesale roaming with workshops, educational documents, and initiatives to identify innovations in wholesale roaming. For more information, please contact info@innovativeoperators.io

VoLTE Roaming Playbook

Industry Extract

The VoLTE Roaming Playbook, a collaborative effort among global mobile operators within the VoLTE Roaming Lab (VRL), serves as a guide for deploying VoLTE roaming services. Developed to help operators face challenges like 2G/3G network decommissioning, the Playbook addresses critical areas including Service Launch, Implementation, Lawful Intercept, Data Retention, Commercial Implications, SMS service impacts, and VoLTE Solutions. Full version of the document is only available for members of IO.
Download the VoLTE Roaming Playbook Industry Extract

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