VoLTE Roaming Facts & FAQ

The IO organisation’s mission is to help modernise the Roaming industry by bringing together Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), who through community, shared resources and common objectives can create the next generation of services.

Since 2019 our VoLTE Roaming Lab has been active in raising awareness of the impacts of decommissioning and the need for operators to adopt VoLTE Roaming. The MNO community has been highly engaged in sharing best practice for VoLTE Roaming which has led to a much higher adoption of services.

The MNO community of IO, myself and the staff of IO, continue to drive awareness, educate and focus on the development of Roaming services in the best interests of the end customers and their roaming experiences.

IO provides a VoLTE Roaming Facts & FAQ which helps advise how VoLTE works and what MNOs and their subscribers need to do to support it. For more information visit https://innovativeoperators.io/volteroaming/

Jason Bryan

Jason Bryan, Director General of IO

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