The African Roaming Alliance Lab has its second session on September 14th

The African Roaming Alliance, ARA for short, is an IO Lab with the objective of reviewing the entire end to end Roaming Delivery process in the African Region.

The kick off session took place on June 29th to identify which are the biggest challenges African operators are currently facing and decide on the workstreams of the Lab moving forward. During the session, MTN GlobalConnect and T-Mobile Group presented their inputs, offering delegates a perspective from within the region and outside the region.

The second session is scheduled for September 14th at 2 pm CET. New delegates can register by completing the registration form here below.

The nominations for the Chair position of the ARA Lab will be open until September 1st. To submit a nomination, simply contact us at

You can also contact us at with your inputs for the upcoming session.


Objectives and Scope Setting

September 14th at 2 pm CET

Register is closed

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