Marta Gabanska from A1 Group, new member of the IO Executive Board

It is with great pleasure that IO welcomes Marta Gabanska, Head of Voice and Roaming, International Business at A1 Group, as a new member of the Executive Board. IO wants to express our gratitude to Judit Albers, former A1 Group representative on the Executive Board, for her contribution and dedication in the past two years.

Since the launch of IO in April 2021, the non-profit member organisation has focused on Roaming and Interconnect, recently adding Messaging to the scope of work. Receiving great recognition from the industry through mobile operator engagement, MNOs have a neutral space for focus and collaboration across all IO Labs. Within the IO Labs, MNOs find a neutral environment for collaboration to raise awareness, become more aligned with industry dynamics, and actively prioritize significant connectivity projects.

“Innovation is a main growth engine and sine qua non condition for tech-companies.  Combined with robust infrastructure, continuously fine-tuned processes supported by AI and challenged by time-to-market needs, assure strong and stable position of MNOs and high level, constantly improved experience for their retail and wholesale customers.

These key factors and individual approach to every customer are main focus for the A1 International Business Team, further strengthening the position in Balkans and CEE/CIS region and building global communication solutions.”

Marta Gabanska

Marta Gabanska joined A1 International Business in July 2022 taking over the position of Head of Voice and Roaming and adding International Messaging to the portfolio in 2024.

Most of her professional career was involved with international wholesale, starting in 2002 in Orange Poland from the development of International Voice transit business. In 2016 took over the position of Business Development and Specialized Sales Director and responsibility for complete portfolio of international services, apart from Voice covering also Messaging, Roaming, Connectivity and strategic development projects related to infrastructure and the creation of new services. This period resulted in a significant growth of business scale, progress in digitalization of international services and assured long term, sustainable growth for the OPL Wholesale area.

In A1 International Business her main focus is innovation and growth of international wholesale through new solutions and increase of operational efficiency at the same time being sensitive on customer’s voice.

Marta has a BA degree in Marketing and Management at Economic University in Poznan, Master’s degree in Administration at WSZIB School in Poznan and several postgraduate studies and programs oriented on business development, like project & product management and digital sales and marketing.

Please contact for more information on the Executive Board.

Innovative Operators

IO brings together Mobile Operators from around the world to review best practices in International Roaming and Interconnect. Having established its member organisation in 2021, IO seeks to support the industry with workshops where mobile operators exchange best practices, IO training, and insights which assist Mobile Operators in strategic decision-making and seeking new opportunities amidst a challenging and disruptive communications environment.

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