Innovative Operators forms its Executive Board

26th May 2022 – Innovative Operators (IO) inaugural Executive Board meeting formally appointed Frédéric Schepens (CEO-MTN GlobalConnect) as Chairman of the Board. The Board also approved the appointment of Anneli Jennersjo Lundberg (CK Hutchison), Benoit Bertin (Bouygues Telecom), Cameron Dunn (AT&T), Dr Rolf Nafziger (Deutsche Telekom), Jason Bryan (IO) and Dhiraj Wazir (IO) to the Board.

At the meeting, the Board unanimously approved the Articles of Association, the governance procedures, and IO business plan.

 The Board adopted the mission to help modernise Roaming by bringing together Mobile Network Operators. MNOs share a community, resources and common objectives and can create the next generation of services.

The Executive Board also laid out its vision to become a focal point in the industry for Roaming whilst remaining in full compliance with Antitrust Laws. This approach enables MNOs to drive and support innovative projects, devise practical solutions that mitigate risks, meet challenges, and create services in the best interests of end customers.

The Board agreed to adopt membership criteria that will govern stakeholders to be committed to the development of Roaming and the best interests of the end customers and publish the requirements in due course. The agreed-upon criteria dictate due diligence processes and procedures to ensure no fraud, arbitrage or undermining of the roaming eco-system occurs.

The Board will monitor and guide the various labs running under IO to deliver on agreed KPIs through a work plan, ultimately enabling IO to realise its mission and vision.

IO is committed to strengthening its Board by selecting members from diverse backgrounds, different MNO sizes and regions. The Board will announce new members in due course.

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