Cameron Dunn from AT&T joins IO’s Executive Board

Innovative Operators, 10th May 2022

Ahead of the first meeting of the Executive Board of IO in Malaga, IO is pleased to announce Cameron Dunn, Director – Roaming Product Development and Strategy at AT&T, as the new member of the Executive Board. With this new addition, AT&T becomes one of the MNOs Founding Members of IO.

Since the launch of IO in April 2021, the non-profit member organisation has focused on Roaming and Interconnect, receiving great recognition from the industry through mobile operator engagement. Roaming Projects that previously lacked focus and collaboration are now better equipped through IO labs. IO Labs has helped numerous operators to increase their awareness, be more in tune and further engage in promoting and prioritising significant roaming projects.

Cameron Dunn is a highly-accomplished and innovative Director of Inter-Carrier Service Development, with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in leading teams in ideation, development and implementation of new mobile roaming products and services. Over his career in mobile communications, Cameron has had the opportunity to work in systems management, billing, operations, architecture, marketing, standards, strategy and development, allowing for success via comprehensive ‘end-to-end” experiences in the mobile communications business.

“I am excited to be part of an MNO-centric organization focused on solving problems and identifying opportunities in support of global connectivity. My intent is to leverage my 20+ years’ experience with AT&T Mobility Roaming to offer contributions through collaboration and ideation.

Global mobile communications require constant innovation to manage the complexity that surrounds intercarrier services, and I am thrilled to be part of a like-minded group sharing the same goals towards simplification and growth.”

Cameron Dunn

More Executive Board members will be announced soon prior to their first meeting in Málaga. Please contact for more information.

Innovative Operators

IO brings together Mobile Operators from around the world to review best practice in International Roaming and Interconnect. Having established its member organisation in 2021, IO seeks to support the industry with workshops where mobile operators exchange best practice, IO trainings and insights which assist Mobile Operators in strategic decision making and to seek new opportunities amidst a challenging and disruptive communications environment.

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