Announcing the M2M/IoT Lab Deputy Chair: Lars K. Amdisen from Telenor

The M2M/IoT Lab appointed Lars K. Amdisen, Business Manager IoT roaming at Telenor, as its Deputy Chair during the second IO Plenary in Malaga on May 2022. The M2M/IoT Roaming Lab is focused on MNOs getting together and sharing experiences, knowledge, and working practices to find ways to improve the M2M/IoT environment and ensure that MNOs can get the full benefit of the opportunity of M2M/IoT.

Lars K. Amdisen has thorough knowledge within the roaming wholesale business from commercial negotiations and charging models to business processes and M2M/IoT specific issues. From his various roles he has a thorough experience in driving collaboration based on establishing a common business understanding. Lars holds an MSc in structural engineering and a PhD in knowledge-based systems.

“The most important role for wholesale roaming is supporting retail and ensuring that we can fulfill customer requirements also when they are roaming. If we drive the development of wholesale roaming based on a simple and pragmatic approach, I am convinced that we can develop the efficient wholesale business that is needed to grow retail”

Lars K. Amdisen

It’s with great pleasure that IO welcomes Lars to the M2M/IoT Lab Leadership team. 

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