Announcing the 5GRL Chair: Marco Hofmann from Swisscom

It’s with great pleasure that the 5G Roaming Lab welcomes Marco Hofmann, Senior Roaming Manager at Swisscom, as the new 5GRL Chair. After a period as Deputy Chair, Marco takes over as the new Chair to ensure that the 5G Roaming Lab objectives and KPIs are developed according to the work plan.

“I like to connect with peers, who have similar challenges, learn from each other and design innovative solutions. To guide our industry forward we need smart digital concepts, which can be implemented and extended in a short time. They are best when:

1.) focused on our customers

2.) defined in close collaboration

3.) designed as digital and simple as possible.

By sharing knowledge and discussing open questions I encourage everyone to contribute to this process.”

Marco Hofmann

Marco Hofmann has over fifteen years of experience in various roles in the telecommunications and IT environment. He holds an MSc in Business Administration and a CAS in Agile Leadership. After many successful software projects in technical roles as an engineer and architect, Marco committed himself to the lean & agile transformation at Swisscom. In doing so, he transformed the working method of several departments into an agile setup. As senior roaming manager, Marco is responsible for wholesale relationships with roaming partners and acts as SPOC for data clearing. Internally at Swisscom, Marco leads projects such as VoLTE roaming as product manager/epic owner.

The 5G Roaming Lab is an IO Lab featuring discussions on Service Level Agreements, Networks Slices, Quality, IOT Negotiations and is a sounding board for ideas, innovative ways to get 5G Roaming working and investigate the new revenue streams it can bring.

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Published On: November 29th, 2022 / Categories: 5GRL /

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